Video: Watch my Teaching Experience in Thailand!

These are some clips I’ve put together to show you what it’s like to teach English in SE Asia.

Hope you liked my video :) Read my Q&A here!

30 thoughts on “Video: Watch my Teaching Experience in Thailand!

  1. Wow.. this is awesome. I just finished taking my TEFL certificate and you make me want to just go teach now! Unfortunately, I’ve got two more years of college, so it’ll be awhile.

    This is an incredibly well made video that brought a smile to my face! Thank you :)


  2. This is so awesome! How did you get that teaching job? Did you have to have your teaching credential in the US already? I wouldn’t even know where to start to get a job like that!!!

  3. Awesome video very inspirational!!!! I have been thinking of just selling my items and getting into teaching English and or Spanish around the world…..

  4. I just got done teaching English in Thailand, Sa Kaeo. After I graduate in May I am moving to South Korea to teach English there. I have been really on edge if I actually wanted to go through with it and now after reading your blog I know that I have to go!

  5. South Korea keeps crossing my mind too… which means I should probably give it a try. But Thailand has my heart and that’s probably why it’s so difficult. Good luck. That’s really exciting!

  6. Wow! I love your perspective and what you’ve been posting about with your Travels. It’s such a non-traditional Life that we live as travelers and adventurers.. and it’s amazing how little people understand until they’re willing to brave the uncertainty! I’m really impressed and connected with your posts. A friend sent me the “How to Travel and you’re not gonna like it” (or something like that), and I’ve been hooked ever since.

    After running and education program in Malaysia for the next couple weeks, I’ll be in Thailand for a week starting with Krabi for Christmas. I’d love any advice you may have for a first time Thailand visitor :)

    I look forward to more posts!

  7. Kate!
    Way to go and think outside the box! You are a kindred spirit…I’m contemplating a change to a career in teaching. I’m a bit older and the ‘American way’ just doesn’t work for me. On my blog you can see one of the amazing things I’ve done, living on a sailing vessel for 4 months as crew and project team. Experience of my life! If you ever wanted to do this, I’m happy to help you find a boat. Just ask…
    So I had a career in human Spaceflight engineering and I’m wondering if they have science teacher jobs in these schools? I have a love for the science and physics no doubt, but also I think would have fun teaching english!

    I’ve been to Thailand a bit and loved it Too! I liked northern Thailand…def Chiangmai and Pai.
    Keep on chica!
    Nealio in Austin TX

  8. Hey Kate, I’m interested in chatting about your teaching English in Thailand. My story is frightenly similar to yours… except I was born and raised in Southern California. I moved to Sydney a month ago on a whim. I got a job at a restaurant/bar in Manly, and just before I came here I got my TEFL certification with hopes of teaching somewhere in Asia, specifically South Korea or Thailand. I plan to live in Sydney for at least 6 months, but am trying to figure out how to go about applying for TEFL jobs and how much in advance I need to do so. Hopefully you get this message!

  9. I used the American TESOL institute in Bangkok, but I’ve heard of people going through Media Kids as well. Also is really helpful if you want to find work yourself… BUT you’ll have to move to Thailand first to even get an interview. Good luck!!

  10. I admire what you did in thailand. I just got done doing the same thing in Cambodia. Literally the time of my life. One of your first lines in the video of you saying I probably learned more about life from them than you could ever teach them. I completely agree. It was such a rewarding experience and an eye opening one as well. Your blog is really great and I look forward to more of your posts. You are doing an amazing thing but you already know that


  11. I admire what you have done in Thailand. I just got done doing the same thing in Cambodia. Literally the time fo my life. One of your first lines in the video you say “I probably learned more from the kids than I could ever teach them” I could not agree anymore. I learned so much from my students. How to live a more simple life, how to enjoy what you have around you and how to be happy. It was such a rewarding experience. I’m glad to see other people are taking advantage of this amazing opportunity. Your blog is awesome and I look forward to hearing more about your travels. Also where did you go to College? Would love to talk more about your travels. Good Luck and stay safe.



  12. This post made my day. As a fellow world citizen, I can relate completely – especially the comment about having a ‘global family’ – and I like to see other people in the same mindset.

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  13. You are a true inspiration! I love your passion for traveling the world. I too want to travel and experience culture…I just wish you wrote this when I was younger (under 30) please continue blogging I enjoyed reading what you do have.

  14. Beautiful! Great video, and thank you for teaching. I taught for a few years through AmeriCorps, and it was life changing. Enjoy the journey!

  15. I taught in Korea and I would say not to do it if anybody is thinking about it. The conditions aren’t so great. The schools can promise something like return tickets and an extra month pay for a completed contract, but they can fire you for no reason. I went from Korea straight to Vietnam and I had a better experience. If you’re reading this and working with recruiters trying to go to Korea, just get your documents (background check and diploma) and head straight to Vietnam. HCMC or Hanoi. Or Da Nang. It takes a thick skin and some street smarts though. If you want a developed country, try Japan. Korea is overrated.

    I don’t know much about Thailand I’ve been there and I can say that it has more tourist scams than Vietnam, more of the bad kind of foreigners, and more unsafe traffic. Also, that military dictatorship thing means it isn’t so stable.

  16. Yeah I volunteered for two months teaching english at a local village school. Suny Cortland??? ahhh me to. Graduted in May. Where abouts are you now? Are you still in Thailand?

  17. Hi Kate! I’m absolutely hooked on your travelling posts! I went travelling for 3 months last year and have booked to go again in March 2015. I absolutely loved Thailand and your pictures of Ko Phi Phi made me very nostalgic and connected with you!
    Keep posting! You’re inspirational.

    Emma-Louise, England.

  18. I’m so glad I found this! I’m leaving for Thailand on Jan 13th for 2 months where I’ll be in Bangkok helping with a newly started church and getting to travel in the meantime! Thailand is one of the countries that I have always wanted to see and the process involved quitting my job and all of that.
    Thank you for sharing your passion for travel and for living life. I’m looking forward to an adventure and I’m glad yours is continuing.
    Matt – Minnesota.

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  20. I’m a preschool teacher from Chile And now I am living in new Zealand. I worked for the last time in a school in December and your video made me missed it solo much!!!!

    I have injoyed you webpage!! Congrats!!! Keep on teaching!!!

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