Get Paid to Teach English in Thailand – April 2015!

This just in — There are 5 seats available for the ATI TESOL class starting on April 27th, 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand — The SAME class that kick-started my travels and changed my life.


-Must be 21-45 years old

-A native English speaker

-Must hold a bachelors degree in any field


1. You are guaranteed a 4-5 month teaching position when you complete the course. [Options to extend are always available… plus you’ll most likely get a raise :) ]

2. Accommodation is paid for at a hotel while you are taking the course.

3. YOUR TRAINING INCLUDES REAL TEACHING EXPERIENCE; First, they teach you the basics, then you practice by teaching your peers AND THEN you get to apply what you learned by teaching real Thai students in a real classroom.

4. It’s in THAILAND! So you’ll get three weeks during your training to really get a feel for the country, the food, the culture. And you’ll make friends – I’m still friends with my roommate from my TESOL course. I stayed and taught a full year. She stayed and taught two years in Thailand. Another friend moved from teaching in Bangkok to teaching in northern Thailand when her contract was over. Some of my other mates went to China AND South Korea for a year shortly after.

5. Hence, once you have a TESOL and experience, the possibilities are endless for you.

6. ANY Questions you have — The ATI team will answer for you in a timely manner. I had so many questions… so ask away, they are used to it.


Well, what you may not realize is ….

1. You’re most likely going to pay the same amount for the TESOL Course in your home country…

2. And you’ll have to find your own job oversees

3. This means praying for interviews/countless Skype interviews and also researching to see if the school is even real

4. And then it becomes too hectic and you start to second guess yourself and then you finally talk yourself out of it…


If this is something you have been thinking about, well, there is no better time than now.


-Training starts April 27 and runs until May 15

-Teaching assignments will begin mid May

-The class is now offering a $200 discount – woop woop!

-It is currently $1190 USD.

(Remember accommodation at a 4 star hotel is paid for during the three weeks of your course)

SIDE NOTE: A one-way ticket to Bangkok should cost around $600. (I highly recommend one-way tickets -you never know where this adventure will take you.)


$1000 USD a month plus accommodation.

Yup, a month. Holy crap. Poverty. —- WRONG.

FIRST – IF you are going to move to a third world country you NEED TO CHANGE YOUR MINDSET.

I know you want to save some money so that you can travel. You will. The salary is enough for you to live comfortably and save some money.


  The biggest Thai bill is 1000 Baht which is equivalent to $30 USD. Things just don’t cost that much there. And as a local you’ll slowly learn what things are worth. I remember saying shoot… $1000 a month. I really want to live abroad but that sucks. People are doing it though. People are over there teaching English right now and they’re fine. If they can do it, I can do it too.

And so I did.

And I’m so happy for it.

I ended up saving about half of my salary every month and having the time of my life. I wouldn’t have extended my teaching position if it wasn’t worth it :)



– Your resume (Teaching experience is not required)

– A scanned copy of your college degree

– A recent photograph (Something friendly but keep in mind it’s for a future employer)

– How you heard about the course/ why you’re interested (Keep it simple)

Create the life you imagine my friends.

I’m really excited for those of you that take the leap. If you end up signing up and embarking on this amazing adventure let me know!  Best of luck fellow travelers :) Have more questions about TEACHING?: Read my Q&A section on my experience teaching in Thailand. Also check out my teaching video :)IMG_2782


18 thoughts on “Get Paid to Teach English in Thailand – April 2015!

  1. Hey Kate!
    Love reading your posts! I’ve been planning to go to Thailand & teach… Just have to book the 1 way ticket! You mentioned they pay for housing…Do you now how the housing was & if you have roommates?

  2. Hey Kate,
    Great info!! I just applied and am hoping to hear back soon! Quick question though-looks like the 4-5 months teaching would be during thailands monsoon season…have you been through one of these while you were there? If so what was it like with all the rain, were you still able to have fun, was it rainy ALL the time or just half days or what? Would love to hear more about it!! Thanks so much!!!

  3. Hi kate! I just applied for this program and was wondering if you heard from other people that were placed in different cities than you. I have heard that we could be placed in very rural areas that may not be very pleasant living in. This worries me a bit. Do you have any insight on this? Thanks!

  4. Hey Kate,
    I’ve been checking out the TEFL certification, which I thought was what you received. However, upon seeing this post, I have realized that you are TESOL certified. Now I am wondering which one would be the best choice? It seems that they are pretty similar. Just thought I might ask you in case you have checked out TEFL. Thanks!

  5. TESOL and TEFl are pretty much the same thing. When you look on jobs boards such as, you’ll see a lot of schools will except both of them :) I would just look for the class that you think is the best for you and will give you the most help finding a job. Otherwise a lot of people get the certification and end up never teaching because it can be a little hectic finding a job your first time around. Hope that helps! Good luck!

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  7. I’m pretty sure it’s still at a hotel…. They do change locations but to be sure email the class directly and ask.

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  9. Hi Kate!

    I’m seriously considering doing this next January (already have a trip to Colombia and Iceland booked this year). What type of Visa did you have when you went to Thailand? Just a visitor? And then did the program help you in getting a longer term Visa to teach once you were there and completed the program? Also you mentioned in another post to do the program in Phuket, but on the site it appears that it’s only in Bangkok. Thank you!!

  10. Hello Kate,

    I am looking at joing the thousands that have gone through ACT and was wondering if you would be willing to answer a few of my questions regarding your experience with ACT as well as your time in Thailand. I hope this finds you well and bravo on a fantastic blog.


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