Packing: The DON’TS

What to pack? What to pack? Calm down, let’s not have a heart attack. I’ve put together a helpful list and strangely it’s just easier to start with what NOT to pack. It’s human nature to bring more than we need. You don’t want to do that when you go to Thailand. Things are really inexpensive there so if you forget something, you can probably buy it for cheaper in Thailand. And most things you’ll  probably never use… I don’t really want to explain myself.. weird this being a blog and all but… you’re just going to have to trust me.


  • An adapter- If you’re an American, you’re in luck. Our plugs fit into the wall outlets in Thailand. No need to purchase an adapter for your electronics.
  • High heels – you will never use them, NEVER.  Not for teaching, not for clubbing, fight the urge.
  • Blow dryer/straightener-  Save room in your suitcase. You can buy these items at the market for very cheap. Or you can be like me and go to the salon and get your hair washed and straightened every 2 days for $2.50.
  • Jewelry-  Just don’t do it. When you see the marketplace and learn how to bargain, you’re going to have a jewelry box you’re proud of. Yes, even watches guys.
  • White/silky clothing– Hot, humid and arm pit stains galore. Plus the water in Thailand can be a little brown at times so your whites are sure to turn.
  • Favorites- If you say, “I love this,” or “This is my favorite…,” as you’re packing then put it back in your drawer. If you are planning on traveling after you teach you’re going to want as much space in your backpack as possible. Leave your favorites at home because you’ll have new favorites that will be just as hard to part with soon enough.
  • Anything expensive- Thailand is so cheap. Their biggest bill is worth $30 American dollars so to bring anything worth more than that is just silly. Clothing is usually around the $6 range over there, $15 tops,  so save yourself the money and keep your expensive clothing home.
  • Baby powder- Maybe it wasn’t on your list to begin with but if it was, I just saved you. There is an abundance of baby powder in Thailand. Kids walk around with white faces of powder and grocery stores have a full isle of the stuff. Baby powder nation.