Birthday Cards Worth Keeping

Most of the time we tear a part our birthday cards just to see how much greenery is inside. (Don’t act like you’ve never done that.) Those that contain none, get tossed to the side pretty quickly. Unless you have slight hoarding problems – then you probably keep your b-day card pile until your next birthday. Okay, maybe it’s not a hoarding problem, maybe it’s just called feelings. You feel bad for throwing cards out. I get it. But let’s be honest, most of them are not worthy of being kept even for the day of your birthday. (I’m not ungrateful, I’m honest in a very blunt way.)

Anyway, when we’re tossing cards to the side, we seldom read the words in the actual card. I mean, it’s a birthday card, you can kind of sum up what it’s going to say… right?

Well, once in awhile,  some one gets you a card that fits perfectly to your life… and when all the cash is sure to be spent just as quickly as you opened it; that card, cash or no cash, remains sitting on your desk for months to come.

Thank you Aunt Barbie and Uncle Tommy — This one’s a keeper:

“Dream of the life you want to live…

It’s your life.

Honor and celebrate your individuality.

Surround yourself with people whose company you truly enjoy,

people who not only support you but empower you to be your very best.


the ones that tug at your heart.

The dreams that just can’t sit on the back burner,  

no matter what else is going on around you.

And never forget that it’s your life… ALL YOURS

So make it the life you love.”

In the past year, I have received some of the best cards from family and friends. I’ve realized that I have an incredible network of people in my life — Some have written words to me that I just can’t throw away. If I’m traveling, I travel with those cards (helps with homesickness) and when I’m home, I tuck them away in a messy little drawer and read them every now and again.

Cards that make you smile, cry, laugh; those are the cards worth keeping…*