Maid in Manhatten

Maid in Manhatten. This is what I’ve been doing to make some extra cash for my travels. Believe it or not, I actually take pride in this shit. No pun intended ;)

When you’re only going to be in the country for two months, it’s pretty difficult to find an employer who will hire you. Other than the occasional bartending gig on the weekend, I was able to conjure up this housecleaning job for $15-$25/hr. While it’s not something you’d think someone with a college degree would be doing, let’s not forget that this girl right here can do anything she wants. If I wanted to be a lawyer, I’d be a lawyer, If I wanted to be a nurse, you better believe I’d become a nurse… But, I want to live and work around the world. And that dream doesn’t have a mapped out college degree and internship plan. So, I’m going to figure out my own road… taking whatever I can, to help me get to wherever it is I’m trying to go.toilet


7 thoughts on “Maid in Manhatten

  1. I am stuck in a small town in Michigan wanting nothing more than travel the world and experience it all while I’m young!! But finding a job that allows me to take vacation off and save money is impossible as you know so I would love to talk to you if you ever have time!! I’m in need of motivation on going alone because I’ve been waiting for someone to go with me! Would love to get a push from someone who is living my dream!! :D

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