The time I worked for $9 a day and it was all I needed…


Banana Bar, Koh Phi Phi Thailand – I just so happened to land myself a position at this AWESOME roof top bar/ Mexican restaurant – my fav! (Try the chicken burrito if you’re in town- amaze!)

Job description: flyer the beach and the island for one hour during the afternoon with 3 of the other banana bar staff and then work the door promoting for 3 hours at night.

I received 300 Baht a day ($9) plus free drinks, 1 free meal (YESSS!) and a free blunt (which I never took :o)

P.S – I’m still shocked I was able to pay rent and live a sick life off of $9 a day – THIS IS THAILAND ♥ (TIT)

I loved working a banana bar. It’s just one of those places you want to be at even when you’re not working. I learned how to play a pretty nasty game of backgammon, (Challenge me, please!), I worked with some amazing people (thai and western) and between working at Bob’s Booze cruise during the day and here at night, I met almost every tourist that came through Koh Phi Phi during September-December of 2012. Oh yeah, and I discovered my favorite song – It can wait by Illy ft Owl eyes – dl that jam asap!

BTW – The longer you stay somewhere, the weirder your outfits get – especially when you have 2 weeks of clothing and you’re there for 3 months!


13 thoughts on “The time I worked for $9 a day and it was all I needed…

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  2. Hey Kate,
    Just wondering if you got a working visa or if you just “winged it” I’m from Australia – living in London and I’m thinking of spending a few months kicking about asia (again) next year before I go home – but getting a visa as an Australian living in the UK is a bit of a hassle.
    Hope you are well and wonderful today!

  3. Awesoblog. Very inspiring. Makes me question my 6 figure corporate job and if I’ll ever be able to save enough to travel. Can you yell at me and give me that final push?

  4. Hey Kate! im hella inspired by your stories, ive always wanted to travel around the world like you… i was wondering if you have any tips on finding places to stay / places to work? its intimidating thinking about travelling alone to another country without a sure place to live and a source of income

  5. Hey Kate, Just wondering where you stayed when you lived on Pi Pi Island? I’ve been before briefly and found all the accom very expensive.
    Thanks :-)

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