The time I worked for $9 a day and it was all I needed…


Banana Bar, Koh Phi Phi Thailand – I just so happened to land myself a position at this AWESOME roof top bar/ Mexican restaurant – my fav! (Try the chicken burrito if you’re in town- amaze!)

Job description: flyer the beach and the island for one hour during the afternoon with 3 of the other banana bar staff and then work the door promoting for 3 hours at night.

I received 300 Baht a day ($9) plus free drinks, 1 free meal (YESSS!) and a free blunt (which I never took :o)

P.S – I’m still shocked I was able to pay rent and live a sick life off of $9 a day – THIS IS THAILAND ♥ (TIT)

I loved working a banana bar. It’s just one of those places you want to be at even when you’re not working. I learned how to play a pretty nasty game of backgammon, (Challenge me, please!), I worked with some amazing people (thai and western) and between working at Bob’s Booze cruise during the day and here at night, I met almost every tourist that came through Koh Phi Phi during September-December of 2012. Oh yeah, and I discovered my favorite song – It can wait by Illy ft Owl eyes – dl that jam asap!

BTW – The longer you stay somewhere, the weirder your outfits get – especially when you have 2 weeks of clothing and you’re there for 3 months!