933 thoughts on “How I Afford to Travel… And You May Not Like What I’m Going To Say

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  2. What about your furniture and everything that was in your appartement? Where did you drop it? I want to travelled, but I don’t have anywhere to put my stuff… And I don’t want to rent two places!

  3. Hey girl! Great read. Im living in Thailand and have a similar philosophy- I left home with $1500 and a dream about a year ago and have been working on the road ever since and have managed to figure it out. I haven’t used credit cards though. I’m thinking of going to Australia after Thailand for a WHV (or Columbia, not sure yet haha) and my question is- what did you get a job doing making $1000/ week? Would love to hear where and what the job was! Thinking of moving to Brisbane. :) Thanks and keep it up!

  4. Your thoughts have been reverberating in me since I read this about a month ago..This whole balance of really pursuing what I TRULY love to do and not training my brain to be a workaholic. I was just wondering what kind of job you had, seeing as you moved a lot, took time off, etc..I am currently busting my ASS as a nursing student and working 32 hrs a week because blah blah blah experience to get into travel nursing. It just seems that sometimes I get so lost and frustrated in the process that my goal gets fuzzy. I love what I do but it just seems like theres not enough time for self reflection, for just plain ol free time, to camp, to just walk around and explore and meet new people.

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  9. I really am trying to find ways to take the plunge, leave my FT job, and travel. I’m only 23 so I’ve got big plans and want to do it soon. This is definitely encouragement. I want to see the world and LIVE LIFE, not work my life away.

  10. This was a great read! Thanks for sharing all of this. What kinds of jobs did you get? I’m looking in to doing something like this when I finish my associates degree. Would love to hear your answer!

  11. Hi Kate, I’m so glad I ran across your story. It’s so strange the timing of it, because just today I was having kind of a mental breakdown at work. I found myself asking…what is the point? Why am I spending the majority of my life working just so I can live so plainly? I’ve been wanting to live in Australia, I think about it all the time. But I didn’t think it was reasonable to even think that was possible, until I read your article. If I’m so unhappy, why don’t I just say f*ck it and go do what I really want? This is exactly what I needed to hear right now so thank you.

    Only thing I’m concerned about is finding a job in another country. Right now I work in the shipping department of a mortgage company, but I don’t know how that would translate into a job abroad. I can’t do hospitality, and I don’t really have a lot of skills. I’m afraid maybe I’m too anxious to deal with the stress of moving to a strange place and not knowing if I will be able to get a job. But I want to. If you have any advice, I would appreciate it so much. Thank you so very much for the inspiration.

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  13. Hi! Great read!
    I am planning to do the same except going to Peru and then Chile.
    One question: Did you cancel both the traveler’s card and THANK YOU CARD eventually? If so, when?
    Thank you for your post :)

  14. Nice! Really want to do both of those countries but haven’t gotten to that continent yet. I cancelled the thank you card but have kept my mileage plus. There is a yearly fee on the mileage one unfortunately BUT I flew home from Australia for $95 and I’m about to get another free flight soon so it’s been worth it to me :)

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  16. What an amazing post Kate! I really love how honest you are. I couldn’t agree more. There is not such thing as the right time to start fulfilling your dreams. You will be never ready. Life is to short to procrastinating :)

  17. What an amazing post Kate! I really love how honest you are. I couldn’t agree more. There is not such thing as the right time to start fulfilling your dreams. You will be never ready. Life is to short to procrastinating :)

  18. I agree with what you’ve written. I get a bit tired of people asking me how I do it – I have 2 kids with me, too. It’s easy, just say you will and do it. Perhaps this requires a certain personality type to implement? It’s definitely not flawless.

  19. I conpletely agree with you! I’m doing the same. I’m from Italy and I worked in Australia, Thailand and Malaysia, planning my next destination now 😊😊 good look for everything

  20. I’m totally with you about following your dreams! I have been traveling for 8 years and have always used credit cards to finance big trips. As well as collecting rewards points I also use 0% balance transfer cards to pay for big purchases/bookings over a longer period of time – and it is almost like having free money!

  21. Hello,
    First of all, I want to say I completely admire what you do. You took a chance and did something that I’ve been “too scared” to do myself. I also have a strong desire to travel and experience different cultures. For me personally, my dream is to end up living in Hawaii. I’m originally from Delaware on the east coast and want to get away from the people and atmosphere, currently I’m 24. For me, the hardest part about leaving will be leaving my dad behind but I know it’s something I have to do for myself. Hawaii is a very expensive place to live and although I have a good job now as a chiropractor assistant, I can’t see myself doing this all of my life. I have yet to go to college because I have no idea what I even want to do with my life. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of jobs do you get when you travel that you are able to afford your trips? I’m trying to find out if I need to get a good career going first or if I would be able to go as is and make it. I would greatly appreciate any feedback of tips that you may have and wouldn’t mind sharing with me! Thank you!

  22. If you are a US citizen, you can get a 1 year work visa to work in Thailand or Australia before you turn 30

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  25. Amazing! You Go Kate!! 😃 I envy your Sas & Go after your dreams attitude. To get up & just move with only $800 is very big of you & I know it took a lot of faith. I know its in me as well I just don’t know how to bring it out. I’m 23 & would lovvvve to travel & start a great career it’s my ultimate dream. But this thing called fear is what’s clouding my dreams from being my reality. One day ill have enough spunk like you girlfriend!. Enjoyyy & Continue safe travels 🌴🚤✈✈✈

  26. Fascinating how you wrote this almost 3 years ago and it still is a thought-provoking insight and seriously inspiring! Genuinely admire you for having the guts to do something many people would think is outrageous and stupid (but really it’s not, damn you society!) Thank you!!!

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  28. I’m in South Africa, but privileged – relative to South Africans not Americans. I’m 53 and did some traveling in my youth. Now I tend to work too hard. I was like all the way through your your tale, ‘yeah typical American’. Then I got to the end and realized your travels have opened you up. You are not the ‘typical American’ I grudgingly ascribed, but realize your privilege AND do something with it. The whole credit card thing is crazy though. I sometimes wonder if America is built on a Ponzi scheme. More prejudice I know…

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