118 thoughts on “Australian Work and Holiday Visa: The Do It Yourself Guide

  1. Thanks for sharing this info. I’m always curious about the “technical” end of holiday work visas but unable to find a website that doesn’t included a lot of white noise that confuses the heck out of me or disinterests me. My sister’s out there right now and sometimes I debate joining her, but I’ve got school for now.

  2. That’s exactly what I was hoping to write! Something simple enough that it’s not too much! Just the basics. I didn’t know any of this until I arrived over there so I hope it can help some people before they arrive! Good luck with school :)

  3. Thanks a lot.You really are an inspiration for me. I was about to write to you when I saw this post and it basically answers every questions I had. Thanks again :)

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  5. Hi Kate! Is there anyway I could contact you by email to inquire about more information on traveling to Australia? This is something my boyfriend and I are seriously considering doing and would like any and all information we can get!

  6. My daughter is currently spending the year in Colombia – learning Spanish and getting to know her Dad’s family and culture. I’ve shares your blog with her as i think she may take your lead and continue her travels when the year is done. Its comforting as a parent to read others experiences. Also make me a bit jealous that i didnt go for it when i was young! Good luck to you and keep writing!

  7. I Kate, we are a work and travel company from Ireland and we will be happy to work on a project with you. Come back to me if interested. cheers!

  8. This is inspiring! I am seriously considering dropping my university bill for this next semester coming up next week, and buying a plane tucket to Sydney, Australia instead! I am just a little scared, and hate doing things alone but i want to live!

  9. I do have two others that I started before this but this is the Only one with these pictures … Do you know where you saw them?! :o

  10. I’m entirely intrigued by your blog. It’s literally the Travelling Bible. It deserves far more recognition. I have a beauty blog, but the more I read of yours, the stronger my urge grows to get out of the U.S. Please, don’t ever stop! Your way of life is phenomenal.

  11. Reblogged this on Lisa Maria and commented:
    This is great advice for making it look easy, if not very cheap, to travel to and work in another country. However, the real first step is PASSPORT, PASSPORT, PASSPORT ;)

    Personally I need to renew mine.

  12. Hi Kate, are you, travelwithk8 at wordpress and katefromthestates at wordpress the same person? It seems you guys are indeed different but share many handles and situations on here.

  13. Kate, I am reading your blog posts and absorbing all of the information you’re writing down. I’ve been planning to move from Bristol (UK) to Australia since September, have worked 3 jobs to save up and have finally got my visa application confirmed! This blog especially is helpful as I’ve no clue what to do next! Next step is actually booking the flight! My excitement is growing just reading about all the things waiting for me at the other end, thanks!

  14. They link to the same page :) I bought the katefromthestates domain name awhile ago but still trying to figure out out to get rid of travelwk8.. I’m in New Zealand now and the wifi is terrible soo that doesn’t help! Lol

  15. “I like to use SKYSCANNER.COM to start my flight search.”

    Is SkyScanner a legit way to buy a ticket? Do you ever buy direct from the site or is it better to buy from the airlines? Anyone have a bad experience with SkyScanner?

  16. It’s not always the best option lately. But I always use it during my flight search. Learned about it from travelers while in Vietnam.

  17. Message me on my facebook page facebook.com/katefromthestates. I will do my absolute best to get back to you asap. The wifi in queenstown isn’t the best!

  18. You’ve gotten some stuff wrong in this, which is bad because it raises the hopes of people – the 417 work visa (i.e UK passport holders) is a 1 year visa with the option of a second year if you do a specified job for 3 months, which will normally be farm work in the arse end of nowhere. It isn’t a 3 year visa at all. You should probably try make out that there is more to Oz than Sydney (a shit London with beaches) and maybe mention how the job market has crashed in the last year because the Australian economy is in recession finally because the mining sector is screwed.

    Still good pointers!

  19. They just changed the visa law for 417. And I only blog about things I know. I lived in Sydney so that what I blogged about :)

  20. Hi Kate! I’m so happy I found your blog. I’m moving to Australia hopefully in September and you just made my life so much easier! My plan is to move to New Zealand after Australia so I’m looking forward for all of your tips.

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  22. Amesome post! But, how did you manage health insurance… You said u didn’t have any? I think it is now mandetory in order to obtain the visa, any recommendations?

  23. Hey kate,

    Did you ever finish a blog post on what your friends did for jobs? I am thinking of moving to Sydney in September – but I don’t want to be in hospitality. I would actually love to gain experience in another industry, but I don’t have a bachelors degree. it worries me. What are your thoughts on still being able to get a decent paying job that is not serving?

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  25. I graduate college in June and plan to work and travel in Australia for a year starting in September. Reading your blog has inspired me to do exactly what I want in life: travel and grow as a person. You’re such an inspiration! Thank you, Kate!

  26. Hey Kate! I’m currently in the process of applying! Would you mind telling me what insurance you bought over there and the coverage? Also how much it cost you? Many thanks!

  27. What happen if I fall in love with Australia and want to stay? Is it possible? By the way very informative I like it.. I think you should write books on tips on surviving in diff countries or something

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