118 thoughts on “Australian Work and Holiday Visa: The Do It Yourself Guide

  1. I think as long as you apply when you are 30, you can still enter the country when you’re 31. Read the fine detail on the visa website, email or even call and ask if you have to! I believe my friend Danny was 31 when he started his visa but I’m not positive. Good luck :)

  2. Of course lol There are a couple of ways. Whoever you are dating can sponsor you – which means you can stay in the country and work (it is quite expensive but worth it – I have a couple of friends doing that) or you can find a job that will sponsor you to stay with them for a couple more years :) … And hmmm maybe I will write a book – The difficult thing about travel though, is that it’s always changing — so a travellers blog from three years ago about a place could be irrelevant today — it’s a tough one! :)

  3. Hi Kate,
    So your article about how you picked up and moved to Australia spoke so loud to me. I have been wanting to do something similar for a while but I just didn’t know how or when. I’m seriously considering it, most of the traveling adventures I have done in my life thus far have been that way: I found a random airline sale; a friend was going to something and I somehow managed to get the days off and go with them. Most recently I managed to book a trip to Iceland (one of the “must visit” countries in my bucket list).
    I think this one is gonna be a major decision for me, and I know only I can make it. I’m 27 years old, no kids, my job is alright but honestly I’m not sure if this is the life I want forever. Living in Australia would be another thing from my bucked list that is accomplished.

    I don’t know I just felt like sharing how powerful your articles can be, when I read your story I just felt like that was something I could definitely see myself doing, I know everyone’s story is different but reading about yours has inspired me. Thank you


  4. I’m 25 and looking for work in the electric distribution field. I’m a powerline worker. Would it be better for me to try to find a job before I start my journey over there? Thanks for any help Kate!

  5. Did you feel lonely during the beginning of your stay in Australia? With so many backpackers going in and out did you make any lasting friendships?

  6. Australia no. I lived with a lot of backpackers who were doing the same thing as me. Took away many best friends from my time there. All whom I still talk to and hopefully will travel with again :) However in New Zealand I’m finding it a bit harder to find my niche – a lot of it has to do with me not being thrilled about the salaries here and just being unsure if I want to spend a whole year here. But even then so I’m definitely not lonely. I’ve met plenty of amazing people who I hope to see someday again :) def understand where you are coming from though. Two of my best friends who I met here have already left – it’s def hard to keep making friendships like that over and over again.

  7. It feels great to know my country isn’t listed.. So Indians aren’t allowed.. So should I get my nationality changed?
    I wish I could travel like this.. Because the only thing that makes me happy is travelling. No money no cars no nothing just travelling. And honestly o don’t mind working and travelling because before reading this article I had even told my my best friend I would wanna work where ever I would be in order to see more n grow..

  8. Actually I met someone born and raised in India the other day. He’s been living in New Zealand for a couple years now so there must be a visa for you as well.

  9. Thank you for this post and all the information. I’ve recently found myself unemployed (through no fault of my own) and almost 30. I gotta tell ya, turning 30 is a scary, scary thing. Visiting Australia has been at the top of my bucket list for awhile and this may post may be just what I needed to get my act in gear and start making life happen. Thank you! :)

  10. They have offices everywhere. You just have to find the closest one to you. The second time I filed my taxes I didn’t have to go in because they had all my information. It was so easy :)

  11. But, who has offices everywhere? Haha sorry. I understand about tax back.com but not about the office. Thanks! This article changed my life :)

  12. Tax back … Honestly if you haven’t even worked in the country yet don’t worry about filing your taxes — you’ll learn everything as you go :)

  13. Kate,
    I’m 20 and currently applying for my visa subclass 462, but I have some questions.
    First, the application seems to want information on whether or not I will have health insurance for the duration of my stay in Oz. Is this necessary? Do I need to provide evidence or apply for health insurance prior to submitting my application?
    And second, the application is also asking for the contact information of friends or family in Oz that I might be staying with, or an exact address as to where I will be living. I will be staying in a hotel the first few days, then perhaps a hostel until I find suitable roommates to move in with, but I won’t have any idea until I’m actually there. What did you do, and what should I put in my application? I would LOVE to hear back from you! Your blog has been so inspiring. My email is kettaroberts@hotmail.com, I would be so appreciative if I could continue to use you as a resource and contact you in some other way besides comments on your blog. :)

  14. Prepaing to move June 7th and I’m loving that I can hear about your experiences. When you get a chance I would love to know more about what your friends did, what kind of work you had there, lessons learned, and overall takeaways. Thanks so much!!

    American in South KoreanKorea

  15. Great information! Your blog is helping so much with my next adventure to try Australia for a while and then to move to Hawai’i :) Mahalo nui loa! Random question, but wondering where you got the harem pants you are wearing in the picture – those are awesome! :) I bought one pair in Israel and have kicked myself ever since for not buying like 20 pair… :P Looking forward to more posts! :)

  16. Also, did you already have hospitality/server/bartending experience before leaving? I don’t and am wondering if I will have a hard time finding a hospitality job (bartender) which is what I would really like to do. Thanks! :)

  17. Hello, I wish to travel to Australia on a work visa but I have no idea where to begin my journey I need a mentor or someone with the experience to give me some guidance for what I need to do in order to make steps into being able to start this fulfilling expedition. Hope to hear back from you :).

  18. Hello Kate,

    I’m moving to Melbourne in August, on a work holiday visa.

    I have a question regarding currency, credit cards, and bank accounts.

    First, what’s your advice on foreign transaction fees? Were you able to bypass the fees? How much did you use your American bank before opening an Australian one?(I currently have Wells Fargo and the transaction fee is not the best)

    Second, what is your take on credit cards once your in country? Do you use one and if so, which one?

    Lastly, love the website and all your posts! I thank you for your help.

    Thank you,

  19. Hi Kate, I have a question about the HAP ID . I’m not exactly sure what that is on my visa application so should I fill out the “My Health Deaclarations” application?

  20. Kate! Thanks so much. Your website has been so helpful for my USA boyfriend who is moving to Australia with me. Can you give me advice on what occupation is best for him to write. He has a degree in English, he is a talented musician, but he has been working in hospitality for the last 2 years… is hospitality the best industry to be approved for the visa?

  21. Hi! What did you do when you left? Did you have to transfer your money back to your American bank account and close your Australian one? What about your TFN? Do you have to do anything with it or tells anyone that you were leaving?

  22. I had a little over $4000 in my account when I left and I just kept the account open and used that money to start living in New Zealand a year later. The American dollar was really strong at the time so I would have lost a lot of money on the conversation. Felt it was best to keep it in my account just incase the conversation changed but it never did lol So I just used all of it in NZ. And no you don’t have to tell anyone you are pemanently leaving. Your visa will permanently end by itself after a year (if you’re on the working holiday visa) but it is your responsibility to take care of what you need to. I knew I would get money back from my taxes so I filed them, along with my superannuation, before I left the country and it was taken care of for me through Taxback.com.au. I hope that answers your questions! :)

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  24. I’m working on tailoring my resume for Australia now… Did you just leave a blank space for phone number and write it in once you got your aussie phone?

    Also, were you able to receive mail at your hostel? I’m asking because the TFN needs to be mailed and I’m not sure where I’d send it to.

    Thanks love!

  25. 31 here :( I live in the states. Is there a visa that works for me for Australia or England? Thanks for all your tips! :)

  26. Yes and yes :) call/email and see what room number your hostel put you in or let them know you’re expecting mail. Also I wrote my phone number on my resume (or CV as the Aussies will call it) in pen when I got an Australian number :) There are also many wifi cafes around where you can easily print and use the internet if you want to wait till you get to the country. Also I suggest putting a small picture of yourself on the resume. Good luck!!

  27. i try to apply the holiday working visa but unfortunately failed due to age.
    my 30th birthday will be on 8th april.

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  32. Hi Kate,

    I was wondering what you did for health insurance? I have a prescription that I have to take every day, but I am not sure if I can just go to a doctor in Australia and get an Rx? Did you have any situation like this?


  33. Hey Amy – I don’t have any experience needing to fill prescriptions so I recommend you talk to your doctor and keep researching info that can help you. Now, I actually had my doctor give me enough medication for six months when I lived in Thailand because I had some problems with my eyes and nose and then when I lived in New Zealand I was able to go to the doctor with no insurance and get a prescription for when I was sick and then I paid the bill at the end. I think it will depend on the type of medication you have. But I would def start by asking your doctor if they could prescribe you enough for an extended period of time. (Again, that will only work for certain meds) I hope this helped a bit – Good luck to you!

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  35. Hi Kate! I’m trying to go back to Australia on the subclass 462 visa. Just spent spring break in Sydney and decided I loved it so much that I’d go back. What did you do for travel insurance? Did you have to prove that you have it?

  36. Hi Kate! Thanks for the tips. I’m moving to Aus in a week. I applied for my Visa online (and still waiting for my officialy ‘Granted’ letter) but I’m confused about when I will have to submit all of my documents. Do they check your passport/bank account etc upon arrival at the airport? Or did you have to submit all of your documents online to the visa portal?

    Thank you :)

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