118 thoughts on “Australian Work and Holiday Visa: The Do It Yourself Guide

  1. Hi Kate,
    There is a question on the subclass 462 visa asking :”Do you hold health insurance to cover your stay in Australia?” I was planning on purchasing travel insurance once my visa was approved, but I am afraid that answering “NO” now will affect my application decision. Any advice? Thanks in advance for the help! XX

  2. I was wondering if you had to show a copy of your birth certificate and a social security card when applying online? Also, how does the visa come?

  3. I can only speak for Americans, but the visa is electronic. And I’m not actually sure. I would write to AU government and ask. Because the country is not as big at the USA, they are pretty good with responding to emails. I believe I traveled with my real birth certificate and social security card and then sent it home.

  4. Hey I’ve applied for the 462 Visa after being in Australia for one year on a 416 sponsored visa. In my application I was asked not only to prove my education (bachelor’s degree) but also to prove sufficient funds with documentation. I was volunteering for the ENTIRE year last year so all I could prove was about $2000, my parents both wrote letters saying they would support me if needed, and I attached a contract for work which I have already been hired for in Australia. I submitted my application 6 days ago and I’ve heard nothing back yet even though that is the suggested wait time. Do you think I should be worried or have you heard of any similar circumstances for people applying for 462 before?? I can’t find anything online other than ‘it only took 4hrs and my visa was approved…’ THANK YOU very very much!!!

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  6. This was so extremely helpful to me, thank you! One question I did have, how long did it take your visa to get approved? (I am also from the States) thanks in advance!

  7. I’m a US citizen but temporarily residing in the UK. Can I apply for my working holiday visa if I’m not in the US at the time? Sounds like you applied when living in Thailand, did you have any extra paperwork to fill out?

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  11. Thanks for the blog!!!

    I saw Xochitl has the same question back in September 2016 but I didn’t see a reply from anyone…

    I am American. My one concern is that I do not have health insurance. Is this a disqualifer? I am planning on purchasing travel health insurance either way. Should I check yes?

    Thanks for all advice!

  12. Once your visa is granted, when can you use it? Does the US have a limited number for australian work and holiday visas?

  13. i just opened my assessment results and it says qualified i’m coming from the us for a working holiday visa so does that mean i’m accepted and does it get put electronically on my passport?

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